Attention is a psychic function that helps us to notice the details of the world around us, concentrate on the implementation of an academic educational assignment, and remember about finished tasks. Of course, all people can sometimes forget something like to write college essays or reviews. The problem arises if a person is constantly scattered and not assembled, this interferes with learning and in everyday life.

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Signs of trouble concentrating:

  • The inability to focus on one thing for a long time;
  • Forgetfulness (you forget about meetings, arrangements, complete dissertation, do not take the necessary textbooks to school);
  • Loss of things (wallets, keys, points);
  • Optional errors in educational work (knowing the material, you write down the wrong numbers, skip important task orders, confusing letters in words, perform calculations incorrectly).

As a rule, chronic absent-mindedness necessarily has a cause or several reasons. It is enough to find and eliminate them to become more attentive and collected.

The main causes of inattention and distraction:

  • Overwork;
  • Subconscious unwillingness to perform a paper task;
  • Failure of the "autopilot";
  • The need to perform too many tasks at once;
  • Attention deficit disorder.


Chronic sleep deprivation or large physical and mental stress for a long time often leads to a weakening of attention. That is why such ‘pay someone to write my paper’ service as will help you to buy a term with the best writer at low prices. If you hesitate, read what the customers write about them.

How to fight:

  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, even on the most stressful school days;
  • Spend time in the fresh air regularly;
  • Pause your studies.

Unwillingness to Act

The degree of distraction and forgetfulness is greatly affected by the level of motivation. If we subconsciously do not want to go somewhere or do something, the brain helps us get rid of an unpleasant duty and “writes out” information about it from our memory. If you often forget about meetings, arrangements, promises, recording your homework, or a deadline for writing a lecture, perhaps the problem is not absent-mindedness per se but lack of desire.

How to fight:

  • Redefine your affairs and tasks in terms of priorities;
  • Reformulate your plans so that you want to implement them;
  • Make sure that the goal is realistic and achievable.

Excessive Tasks

When you need to perform several tasks at the same time or to keep several tasks in your memory, attention is scattered, and concentration is reduced. It is not surprising that one or several tasks can be forgotten, while others can be performed poorly. Excessive tasks negatively affect the effectiveness of work or study.

How to fight:

  • Choose one thing and focus on it. At the same time, it is important to eliminate distracting factors to the maximum - remove unnecessary items from the desktop, close unnecessary games, and programs on the computer, turn off sound or notifications on the phone, turn off the music, TV, radio, ask that you not be distracted and not disturbed by homework.
  • Deal with incoming tasks immediately, without delay. If you do emerging new things right away, there is less risk that due to the abundance of tasks you will forget about something. This method works best with small educational and household chores.

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