It’s common knowledge that college students have extremely busy schedules, trying to juggle classes, extracurricular activities, part-time job, and socializing with friends. With so many tasks on the to-do list, you may often feel as if there is no time for anything except studies. When a deadline for a challenging assignment is approaching fast and you have only started doing a research and making notes, it’s time to get yourself together and take some quick and simple steps to ensure that you will be able to complete your essay to meet your deadline and won’t fail. Wondering how you can do that?


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❏    Don’t procrastinate and avoid distractions. Make a strict schedule of your work and organize your work according to it.

❏    Use Google search to find good essay samples online to see how the paper should look like and use it as a template for writing on your own.


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Of course, you should always plan ahead to be able to cope with your coursework assignments on time but when you know that you can rely on someone who is always ready to help, you will feel safer and less stressed. As a result, you will feel happy and enjoy college because you will have enough time for sports, hobbies, and hanging out with your friends.


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Algebra and Pre-Algebra

Beginning Algebra
Adding and subtracting integer numbers
Dividing integer numbers
Multiplying integer numbers
Sets of numbers
Order of operations
The Distributive Property
Verbal expressions
Beginning Trigonometry
Finding angles
Finding missing sides of triangles
Finding sine, cosine, tangent
Absolute value equations
Distance, rate, time word problems
Mixture word problems
Work word problems
One step equations
Multi step equations
Graphing exponential functions
Operations and scientific notation
Properties of exponents
Writing scientific notation
By grouping
Common factor only
Special cases
Linear Equations and Inequalities
Plotting points
Graphing absolute value equations
Percent of change
Markup, discount, and tax
Adding and subtracting
Quadratic Functions
Completing the square by finding the constant
Solving equations by completing the square
Solving equations by factoring
Solving equations by taking square roots
Solving equations with The Quadratic Formula
Understanding the discriminant
Absolute value inequalities
Graphing Single Variable Inequalities
Radical Expressions
Adding and subtracting
Simplifying single radicals
The Distance Formula
The Midpoint Formula
Rational Expressions
Adding and subtracting
Multiplying and dividing
Simplifying and excluded values
Systems of Equations and Inequalities
Graphing systems of inequalities
Solving by elimination
Solving by graphing
Solving by substitution
Word problems